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MAX8934 Li Poly Li ion char­ger circuit

The MAX8934 is a dual-input Li Poly Li ion linear battery char­ger with Smart Power Selector . The MAX8934 Li Poly Li ion linear battery char­ger also monitors the battery temperature (TBATT) while charging, and automatically adjusts the fast-charge current and charge termination voltage as the battery temperature varies.
The MAX8934 Li Poly Li ion linear battery char­ger can  monitor  the battery temperature while the battery is discharging, and provides a warning flag (OT) to the system in the event that the battery is over temperature. The MAX8934 operates with either separate inputs for USB  and AC adapter power .

The MAX8934 battery charger can operate over an input voltage range of 4.1-6.6 volts for both , DC and USB power supply .
Charge current limit and DC current limit can be set up to 1.5A and 2A  respectively, while USB input current can be set to 100mA or 500mA for the MAX8934A/ MAX8934B/MAX8934C/MAX8934E and up to 1.5A (max) for the MAX8934D.  Automatic input selection switches the system load from battery to external power.
The MAX8934A provides a SYS output voltage of 5.3V, while the MAX8934B–MAX8934E provides a SYS output voltage of 4.35V.
The Smart Power Selector circuitry offers flexible power distribution from an AC adapter or USB source to the battery and system load. If a system load peak exceeds the input current limit, supplemental current is taken from the battery. Thermal limiting prevents overheating by reducing power drawn from the input source.
The charger ic has numerous other charging , power-management and features like : Li+ charger with Smart Power Selector, no external MOSFETs needed  , monitors battery temperature and adjusts charge current and termination voltage automatically per JEITA recommendations , OT flags system of a hot battery during discharge , common or separate USB and adapter inputs ,automatic adapter/USB/battery switchover ,input OVP to 16V (DC) and 9V (USB)  , thermal regulation prevents overheating , 4.35V or 5.3V SYS regulation voltage ,1.5A (max) USB Input Current Limit (MAX8934D) .

MAX8934 Lithium-Ion , Lithium-Polymer char­ger circuit diagram

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