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5 volt regulator circuit diagram using NCP3155

This 5 volt regulator circuit project is designed using the NCP3155 DC DC synchronous switching regulator with fully integrated power switches and full fault protection. The switching frequency of 1 MHz and 500 kHz allows the use of small filter components, which results in smaller board space and reduced BOM cost.
This 5 volt regulator circuit project drives high−side and low−side N−channel power MOSFETs. The NCP3155 incorporates an internal boost circuit consisting of a boost clamp and boost diode to provide supply voltage for the high side MOSFET gate driver. This regulator also integrates several protection features including input undervoltage lockout (UVLO), output undervoltage (OUV), output overvoltage (OOV), adjustable high−side
current limit (ISET and ILIM), and thermal shutdown (TSD).

This circuit require few external electronic parts and can be configured very easy . In put voltage that is required by this power supply circuit must be between 10.8 and 24 volts an can provide a fixed output voltage between 1.2 volts up to 5 volts by changing a simple resistor .
The maximum current that can be provided by this regulator circuit is up to 3A .

5 volt regulator circuit diagram using NCP3155 switching regulator

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