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Simple light organ circuit diagram project with effects

A very simple light organ made with very few electronic components can be made using electronic scheme in the figure below.
Light organ presented below has ten channels and allows independent adjustment of the operating mode for each channel.
Each counter IC1 output can be connected to any of ten different output control circuit with a selector with 10 positions.
The result is a wide variety of lighting modes, moving in different directions, from left to right, approaching one another, moving away from each other, at different rates ...
Movement speed is selected by S11 and is controlled either by a single oscillator (N1) or the two oscillators, in which case N1 N2 is controlled and has a random outcome. If you want only ordering LEDs, LED cathodes D1 ... D10 must be put on the table. If you want normal ordering of bulbs can be used optocouplers.
Circuit requires a continuous supply voltage of 12 volts

Circuit Diagram: 
Simple light organ circuit diagram project with effects

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