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LM35 termo interface for multimeter

Using this circuit diagram can be built an electronic interface for measuring temperature using a digital multimeter. Temperature sensor interface is very simple, and is built using operational amplifiers and some other electronic components.
Size of the input signal can be measured from the input power.
When is used as a sensor a LM35 and an LM358 type ao at a supply voltage of 5V current is 0.65mA, 0.7mA at 10V, and at a voltage of 15V current is 0.77mA.
The circuit is so designed that if the sensor temperature range from 0 ° C to 100 ° C, power supply changes from 0.7 mA to 10.7 mA. Thus, a supply line mili-ameter inserts allow easy reading of the temperature.

Circuit Diagram: 
LM35 termo interface for multimeter circuit diagram

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