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White LED driver circuit using LM3530

A very simple white LED driver circuit electronic project can be implemented using the LM3530 high efficiency LED driver IC with programmable ambient light sensing capability and I2C compatible interface .
LM3530 LED driver can control up to 11 series white LED’s and can be used for LCD Backlighting for devices like: Smartphone  ,Personal Navigation and other devices .
Input voltage range of the LM3530 white LED driver is from 2.7V to 5.5V . The LED current can be adjusted from 0 to 29.5mA via an I2C compatible interface. The 127 different current steps and 8 different maximum LED current levels give over 1000 programmable  LED current levels.Through an external logic level input PWM brightness control is possible.

LM3530 white LED driver circuit have two ambient light sensor inputs designed to monitor and provide  programmable adjustment of the LED current with changes in ambient light. Each ambient light sensor input has independently programmable internal voltage setting resistors which can be made high impedance to reduce power during shutdown.

LM3530 white LED driver circuit

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