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12V battery charger electronic project using LM317

LM317 three terminal regulator manufactured by National Semiconductors is one of the most used three terminal regulators from the market . Because of the high efficiency provided by the LM317 and number of low parts required this integrated regulator can be used in many power supply circuit projects .

This electronic project , presented in this diagram is a very simple car battery charger electronic circuit that can be used for charging car lead acid batteries . This car battery charger will provide a 12 volt at maximum current .

RS sets output impedance of the car battery charger Zout-Rs=(1+R2/R1) .
Use of RS allows low charging rates with fully charged battery. The 1000 μF is recommended to filter out input transients .
12V car battery charger using LM317 regulator


how i can get Zout

The value of Rs sets the output impedance of the charge circuit. Zout = Rs(1 x R2/R1). The use of RS allows for low charging rates with a fully charged battery.

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