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Analog Devices AD8276 AD8277 and AD8278 op amps

Analog Devices introduces new tiny difference OP Amps  .The AD8276/AD8277 and AD8278 are designed for high precision applications like : voltage measurement and monitoring , current measurement and monitoring  , differential output instrumentation amplifier ,portable battery-powered equipment , test and measurement applications . AD8276/AD8277 and AD8278 provide an exceptional common-mode rejection ratio (86 dB) and high bandwidth while amplifying signals well beyond the supply rails.

For excellent gain accuracy and high CMRR  on chip resistors are laser-trimmed  .

ESD circuitry and internal resistors also provide overvoltage protection to the op amps. The AD8276/AD8277 are unity-gain stable and are optimized for use as difference amplifiers. The AD8276/AD8277 can also be connected in high precision, single-ended configurations with G = −1, +1, +2.

The AD8278 can be used as a difference amplifier with G = ½ or G = 2. It can also be connected in a high precision, single-ended configuration for non-inverting and inverting gains of −½, −2, +3, +2, +1½, +1, or +½.

Main features of the AD8276/AD8277 , AD8278 op amps are  : wide input range beyond supplies  , rugged input overvoltage protection , low supply current: 200 μA , low power dissipation: 0.5 mW at VS = 2.5 V  , bandwidth: 550 kHz , CMRR: 86 dB minimum , low offset voltage drift: ±2 μV/°C maximum (B Grade)  , low gain drift: 1 ppm/°C maximum (B Grade) , wide power supply range: single supply: 2 V to 36 V dual supplies: ±2 V to ±18 V .

ad8276 difference operational amplifier AD8277 op amp circuit ad8278 operational amplifier circuit

Intersil ISL21080 voltage references IC

Intersil introduced the ISL21080 analog low power voltage references which can be used as precision voltage sources for voltage monitors, control loops, standby voltages for low power states for DSP, FPGA, Data path Controllers, microcontrollers and other core voltages: 1.25V, 1.5V, 2.5V, and 3.3V  operating voltages.

The ISL21080 series of voltage references use the floating gate technology to create references with very low drift and supply current. The charge stored on a floating gate cell is set precisely in manufacturing. The resulting reference device has excellent characteristics which  are unique in the industry: very low temperature drift, high initial accuracy, and almost zero supply current.

ISL21080-voltage-reference chip

ISL21080 voltage references parameters

BD8676KN power supply chip for CCD cameras

ROHM Semiconductor introduces BD8676KN power supply chip for CCD cameras .
BD8676KN includes two power supplies built in for system ICs in addition to the positive/negative supplies required for CCD and can drive up to 4 channels .
Thanks to built-in switching and LDO regulators BD8676KN power supply for CCD cameras have a high efficiency greater than 80% during full-drive (all-channel) operation .
In addition ,a FET phase compensation and feedback resistor are integrated at each channel, reducing the number of parts required .
The integrated startup sequence control circuit of the BD8676KN for both positive and negative power supplies prevents damage to the CCD sensor while maximizing performance.
The input voltage of the BD8676KN power supply must be from 4.5 to 9 volts (18 volts maximum supported ) and the maximum output current for BD8676KN is 150mA for 1.2V and 3.3V output , 15mA for 15V and -5mA for -5.5V .
The switching frequency can be adjusted from 500kHz to 1.2MHz using an external resistor .
Other features offered by BD8676KN are : phase compensation and feedback resistor built into each channel , integrated high accuracy reset circuit (±1%) , abnormal output voltage detection , Off latch function , thermal shutdown , startup fault detection .
BD8676KN power supply chip for CCD cameras


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