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MRF49XA Sub-GHz transceiver radio

Microchip Technology announced expansion of its RF Products Division wireless portfolio with the new MRF49XA Sub-GHz transceiver radio. The MRF49XA covers the 434/868/915 MHz unlicensed Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) Radio Frequency (RF) band, which is ideal for low data-rate, low-power embedded wireless applications
MRF49XA chip FSK baseband transceiver supports: Zero-IF architecture , Multi-channel and multi-band Synthesizer with Phase Locked Loop (PLL) , Power Amplifier (PA) , Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) , I/Q down converter mixers , I/Q demodulator , Baseband filters and amplifiers
Main features of MRF49XA transceiver are : Supports Proprietary Sub-GHz Wireless Protocols , 4-Wire Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) , Compatible Interface , CMOS/TTL Compatible I/Os , Clock and Reset Signals for Microcontroller , Integrated 10 MHz Oscillator Circuitry , Integrated Low Battery Voltage Detector , Supports Power-Saving Modes , Operating Voltage: 2.2V-3.8V , Low-Current Consumption.
MRF49XA Sub-GHz transceiver radio

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