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MC34825 Micro-USB Interface IC

Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the MC34825 Micro-USB Interface IC which is designed to support the Universal Charging Solution (UCS) and USB connection for other wired accessories. The MC34825 supports various types of external power supplies, such as a dedicated ac/dc adapter or a USB port, to charge the battery.

MC34825 has build-in functions built which identify the type of the used power supply  and command low or high charging current  based on the power supply current capability .

MC34825 contains analog switches to multiplex the 5 pins, to support UART and high speed USB data communication, mono or stereo audio headset with or without a microphone and a cord remote controller, manufacturing or research-and-development (R/D) test cables, and other accessories.

MC34825 has an build in internal power switch to offer overvoltage protection  against up to 28 V failed power supply input .

Other main features of the MC34825 micro-USB interface IC are : Identifies various types of power supplies to set low or high battery-charging-current levels , Supports stereo/mono headset with or without microphone and remote controller with pure passive components , Supports USB or UART R/D test cables , High speed (480 Mbps) USB 2.0 compliant , Supports 32 ID resistance values with a high accuracy 5-bit ADC , Accessory attachment and detachment detection with an interrupt signal to the host IC , I2C interface  , 10 μA quiescent current in Standby mode .


MC34825 Micro USB Interface IC circuit diagramMC34825 Micro USB Interface IC circuit

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