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MAX9945 operational amplifier

The MAX9945 is a operational amplifier with a low operating power and low input voltage noise. MAX9945 device accepts a wide supply voltage range from 4.75V to 38V and draws a low 400μA quiescent current. The MAX9945 is unity-gain stable and is capable of rail-to-rail output voltage swing. The MAX9945 is ideal for portable medical and industrial applications that require low noise analog front-ends
for performance applications such as photodiode transimpedance and chemical sensor interface circuits.
Main features of MAX9945 are :+4.75V to +38V Single-Supply Voltage Range , ±2.4V to ±19V Dual-Supply Voltage Range , Rail-to-Rail Output Voltage Swing , 400μA Low Quiescent Current , 50fA Low Input Bias Current , 3MHz Unity-Gain Bandwidth
MAX9945 operational amplifier

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