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MAX9526 low-power video decoder

Maxim Ic release MAX9526 low-power video decoder that converts all modes of NTSC and PAL composite video signals to 10-bit YCbCr component video compatible with the ITU-R BT.656 standard.
The device automatically configures itself to standard NTSC or standard PAL.
An integrated analog anti-aliasing filter eliminates the need for off-chip filtering. MAX9526 device includes a 2:1 input multiplexer that can be configured to automatically select the input based on activity.
The system clock is generated with an external 27MHz crystal and an internal oscillator. ( Optionally, a 27MHz or 54MHz external clock can be connected to the XTAL/OSC input ). An internal line-locked digital PLL is used to generate the 54MHz ADC sample clock that is synchronous to the incoming video signal with up to ±5% variation in horizontal line length. The digital output data and LLC clock are line locked to the video input and provide a standard ITU output.
The MAX9526 provides a 5-line adaptive comb filter to separate the luminance (Y) and chrominance (C) video components and reduce cross-chrominance and crossluminance artifacts. The MAX9526 operates with any type of standard composite video signal source including DVD players, video cameras, navigation systems, and VCRs.
Max9526 main features are : supports All NTSC and PAL Standards (NTSC M, NTSC J, NTSC 4.43,
PAL B/G/H/I/D, PAL M, PAL N, PAL 60 ) , Automatic Configuration and Standard Select , 10-Bit 4x Oversampling (54Msps) ADC with True , 10-Bit Digital Processing , Flexible Output Formatting , +1.8V Digital and Analog Supply Voltage , +1.7V to +3.45V Digital I/O Supply Voltage, Sleep Mode with Continuous Activity Detection .
MAX9526 low-power video decoder

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