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LTC2938 , LTC2939 4 and 6 channels supply monitors

Linear Technology LTC2938  , LTC2939 configurable 4 and 6 channels supply monitors for that need watchdog supervision.

LTC2938 can monitor up to 4 channels and LTC2939 can monitor up to 6 channels and they can be used in applications like :  Multivoltage Systems , Telecom Equipment , Network Servers and other applications ehere the voltage monitor is required .

Using an external resistive divider connected to the program input. one of sixteen preset or adjustable voltage monitor combinations can be selected .

The reset and watchdog timeout periods can be adjusted  using external capacitors.

Main features of the LTC2938 , LTC2939 voltage monitors are : Simultaneously Monitors Four (LTC2938) or six supplies (LTC2939) , sixteen user-selectable combinations of 5V, 3.3V,2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V, 1.2V and/or ± adjustable voltage.

Thresholds ,guaranteed threshold accuracy: ±1.5% , adjustable reset and watchdog timeout , low supply current: 80μA ,guaranteed RST for VCC > 1V, high temperature operation to 125°C .

LTC2938  , LTC2939 power supplies voltage monitors are very simple to configure and require few external components as you can see in the schematic circuit  .

LTC2938  , LTC2939 4 and 6 channels supply monitors

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