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LT3991 buck switching regulator

Linear Technology has introduced the LT3991 buck switching regulator IC . The LT3991 supports a wide input voltage range up to 55 volts and a adjustable switching frequency from 200khz to 2Mhz .

The LT3991 operate in low ripple Burst Mode which maintain high efficiency at low output current while the output ripple is below 15 mV .

For fast transient response and good loop stability the LT3991 use an internally compensated current mode topology .

A high efficiency 0.44Ω switch is included on the die along with a boost Schottky diode and the necessary oscillator, control and logic circuitry.

The LT3991 require few external components and has many features like : Ultralow Quiescent Current ,  Low Ripple Burst Mode® Operation ,  Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.3V to 55V , 1.2A Maximum Output Current , Adjustable Switching Frequency: 200kHz to 2MHz , Synchronizable Between 250kHz to 2MHz , Fast Transient Response , Accurate 1V Enable Pin Threshold , Low Shutdown Current: IQ = 700nA , Power Good Flag ,  Soft-Start Capability , Saturating Switch Design: 0.44Ω On-Resistance , Output Voltage: 1.19V to 30V.

LT3991 switching regulator circuit

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